North Salt Lake Refinery

Located in North Salt Lake City, Utah, is a complex high conversion refinery operated by Big West Oil LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of FJ Management Inc. The facility employs about 185 people and supplies fuel products to many select customers in seven western states. This sophisticated facility has a total capacity of 35,000 barrels per day (over one million gallons) and refines a combination of Utah, Wyoming and Canadian crude oils into high-quality motor fuels and other specialty chemicals. Big West Oil products meet or exceed government standards for clean transportation fuels, as well as customer needs for engine performance and cold flow qualities.

Big West Oil LLC is also responsible for the purchasing and transportation of crude oil in parts of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. With current processing activities, the North Salt Lake refinery is well prepared to provide qualified clean fuel products to Big West Oil LLC in the time frames required by the clean fuels regulations.