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2013 EPA Consent Decree

In early August 2013, Big West Oil entered into a Consent Decree under the Clean Air Act with the U.S.EPA. Big West issued the following statement in connection with the Consent Decree:

Big West has been working with EPA and the State of Utah for a number of years on ways in which Big West can reduce air emissions at its North Salt Lake refinery.  We have appreciated EPA’s and the State’s willingness to work with us in finding workable methods for making the desired reductions. The mutually agreed Decree entered today will require Big West to spend tens of millions of dollars on pollution control equipment and procedures, and will result in significant reductions in emissions. As a company, Big West is committed to responsible environmental stewardship, while providing great jobs for the state of Utah and supplying the fuel that runs our economy and benefits all of its citizens.

We did not admit any liability in the Consent Decree settlement. When we first received notice of EPA’s claims, we simply chose trying to reach agreement with EPA on solutions that would satisfy them and help improve air quality, without ever really focusing on whether violations actually occurred. We believe that approach best served our neighbors and the community in which we all live and work.